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JetstarLogo Jetstar JQ298 / QF4984 / EK6452
Departing Tuesday 21st March 2017
Queenstown to Auckland
Scheduled: 13:40 local time
Estimated: -
Status: -
  • 10:53pm
  • 11.4°c / 52.5°f
  • Auckland

Your personal Queenstown Airport visit plan

  • Getting ready

    Getting ready

    To comply with Aviation Security regulations, please ensure any sharp items over 6cm in length are packed in your checked luggage. Small scissors and blades of 6cm or less can be carried in carry-on luggage.

  • Getting to the airport

    Getting to the airport

    We recommend you arrive at the airport at least 1 hour before your scheduled departure to give yourself plenty of time to check in and relax. There are several transport options including taxis, airport shuttles, limos, and buses. 

  • Getting dropped off

    Getting dropped off

    There’s plenty of time to say your goodbyes with 20 minutes’ free parking in the dropoff / pick up zone, located in the first 5 rows of the public car park in front of the terminal building. Trolley bays are conveniently located throughout the carparks and exterior of the terminal.

  • Handy tips

    Handy tips

    Please be sure to never leave your bags unattended as this can spark a security alert and potentially delay your travel. For locker storage options or other airport-related enquiries, visit the Airport Information Desk. If you need to make a phone call, public phones are located at the Check-in area.  

  • Check in

    Check in

    The check-in area is located in the Departures (left) side of the terminal. With your ticket or booking reference at the ready, make your way to the relevant airline counter or self-service kiosks to check in.  Luggage labels are provided at the check-in counters so make sure your bags are correctly tagged before handing them over to the airline.  

    If you're travelling with pets, please be aware of, and respect the airport's rules.  Because of health and safety issues, animals are prohibited from being inside the terminal building unless they are caged for cargo transport or are guide/mobility assistance dogs. However your furry friends are allowed to be outside in the public area if they're on a leash. 

  • Relax


    Allow some extra time after check-in to grab a bite to eat, pick up some reading material or a gift from one of our stores.  We also offer 1 hour free Wi-Fi throughout the terminal building.  

  • Flight information

    Flight information

    For flight updates check our screens located around the terminal and above the security screening entry point.  Your airline will also make announcements when it’s time to go to your gate or board.  Gate 1 is located to the left of Airspresso Café and Gates 2-8 are beyond the Security Screening Point.

  • Security checkpoint

    Security checkpoint

    When you’re ready to go to your gate, you need to go through security screening.  To help our Aviation Security Service make the process quick and smooth, have your laptop out and check there’s nothing in your pockets. 

    Remember, on a domestic flight you can bring hot drinks into the gate lounge so there’s no need to finish them before going through screening.

  • Gates and boarding

    Gates and boarding

    The gate lounges have great views, comfortable seats, toilets, baby change facilities and refreshment vending machines. Your airline will make an announcement when it’s time to board.

    Find out more about the domestic destinations we fly directly to. 

  • Travelling with pets

    Travelling with pets

    If you're travelling with pets, please be aware of, and respect the airport's rules.  We respectfully ask that you be mindful of other passengers and our airport working dogs at all times, and follow any staff guidance.
    Your furry friends are allowed to be outside the terminal building in the public area provided they're on a leash.  However, for health and safety reasons and the wellbeing of our working dogs, no pets are allowed inside the terminal unless they are being checked in for cargo transport or are guide/mobility assistance dogs. 
    During the check-in process dogs must be on a leash at all times and placed in their crate in a timely manner.  When you’re picking them up from the airport we know they’ll be excited to see you but the baggage carousel is a busy area so please keep them in their crate until you exit the terminal building.


  • Dropping off travellers

    Dropping off travellers

    There’s plenty of time to say your goodbyes - we offer 20 minutes’ free parking in the designated pick up/drop off zone so come in, grab a coffee, a bite to eat or do some shopping while you’re here!

    All you need to do is take a ticket at the barrier arm when entering the carpark and park in the pick up/drop off zone located in first 5 rows of the public car park in front of the terminal building. Trolley bays are located around the carparks and terminal building for your convenience.

    If you’re parked for less than 20 minutes, there’s no need to validate your ticket – just insert it into barrier arm machine when exiting.

    If you stay longer than 20 minutes, simply validate your ticket at the Paystation and then insert it into the barrier arm machine when exiting.