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JetstarLogo Jetstar JQ219
Arriving Saturday 22nd April 2017
Melbourne to Queenstown
Scheduled: 11:30 local time
Estimated: -
Status: -
  • 4:46pm
  • 15°c / 59°f
  • Queenstown

Your personal Queenstown Airport visit plan

  • Duty Free Shopping

    Duty Free Shopping

    Tax and Duty Free shopping is available to all arriving international passengers so take your time and check out the great range of products and deals at our Aelia Duty Free store just inside the Arrivals Hall.

    Find out more about New Zealand’s duty free allowance here.

  • Passport Control

    Passport Control

    To save yourself time and hassle, please have your passport and completed Passenger Arrival Card (PAC) ready for inspection when entering the Customs/Immigration area.

  • Baggage Collection

    Baggage Collection

    To collect your luggage, follow the signs to the International Bag Claim area.  Trolleys are provided free of charge for your convenience.  Your bags will be delivered to Carousel 2 or 3 so look out for your flight number on the screen.  Larger items such as bikes, skis, golf clubs and buggies will be available at the Oversize area next to the carousel.  If you’re missing an item, please ask an airline agent in the bag claim area or phone your airline’s Baggage Services number

    If you're travelling with pets, please be aware of, and respect the airport's rules.  Because of health and safety issues, animals are prohibited from being inside the terminal building unless they are caged for cargo transport or are guide/mobility assistance dogs. However your furry friends are allowed to be outside in the public area if they're on a leash. 

  • Anything to declare?

    Anything to declare?

    Your next step is an MPI Biosecurity check so please have your PAC card ready to hand over (no need to show your passport). 

    Find out exactly what you can/can’t bring into New Zealand.

  • Currency exchange

    Currency exchange

    If you need cash, there’s a Multi-Currency ATM located in the International Arrivals Hall but if you missed it, no worries, there’s another one in the main terminal along with two Travelex Currency Exchange stores and an ANZ ATM machine

  • Handy tips

    Handy tips

    You can browse accommodation and transport options on our Freephone board next to International Arrivals or, if you need to make a phone call, public phones are located at the domestic Bag Claim area.  For locker storage options or other airport-related enquiries, visit the Airport Information Desk.

  • Being picked up?

    Being picked up?

    Make your way to the pick-up zone located in the first 5 rows of the public car park in front of the terminal building.  

  • Picking up your rental car?

    Picking up your rental car?

    Here’s a list of rental car operators at Queenstown Airport and their locations in relation to the terminal. There's also a list off-site rental car operators in the Queenstown area here.

  • Other transport options

    Other transport options

    Buses, airport shuttles, taxis and limos are all lined up outside the terminal, ready to go. Taxis and Airport Shuttles offer door-to-door service and the public bus comes through every 15 minutes. The @TourismQueenstown Kiosk beside Bag Claim and staff can assist with you bookings for transport, accommodation and activities if you need assistance.

    Find out more about what to do around our region here.

  • Picking up travellers

    Picking up travellers

    There’s no need to rush in and out of the airport - we offer 20 minutes’ free parking in the designated pick up/drop off zone so come in, grab a coffee, a bite to eat or do some shopping while you’re here!

    All you need to do is take a ticket at the barrier arm when entering the carpark and park in the pick up/drop off zone located in the first 5 rows of the public car park in front of the terminal building. Trolley bays are located around the carparks and terminal building for your convenience.

    If you’re parked for less than 20 minutes, there’s no need to validate your ticket – just insert it into the barrier arm machine when exiting.

    If you stay longer than 20 minutes, simply validate your ticket at the Paystation and then insert it into the barrier arm machine when exiting.

    A great way to monitor the status of the flight you’re meeting is to check our online Flight Display. Or to see what the weather is like at the airport, view our webcam.